Rhino Shield Permanent Exterior Ceramic Paint

Make the best move for your Structure’s Exterior and Never Paint Again!

Your home or property is your most valued investment. It’s exterior has to be tough enough to survive even the most brutal weather conditions. If your home can’t take Mother Nature’s abuse, you’ll pay the price!

When it comes to coating the exterior of your Maryland home or commercial property, you want the strongest, safest and most cost effective solution.

Rhino Shield Ceramic Paint Maryland

Welcome to Rhino Shield.

Rhino Shield paint is the industry leader in the development, application, and advancement of exterior ceramic paint coatings.

Never Paint Again!

The constant cycle of having to paint and re-paint your structure’s exterior is a thing of the past with Rhino Shield’s exclusive and groundbreaking ceramic paint system. Rhino paint has the all the beauty, character and range of color as traditional exterior paint without the hassle. Unlike traditional paint, our Rhino coat won't crack peel fade or chip.

Rhino Shield functions like vinyl siding in terms of longevity but looks like fresh paint. Offering unlimited colors for almost any surface, Rhino Shield is the cost effective and green alternative to traditional painting.


With the superior adhesion and ceramic coating technology that Rhino Guard Maryland provides, your structure's exterior is guaranteed to be protected from the elements and be maintenance-free for the next 25 years. It’s also totally waterproofed, as our product protects against mold, mildew, and algae growth. Rhino Shield is guaranteed to last.

The Product

Our product is time-tested: Rhino Shield’s innovative exterior ceramic paint coating has been installed effectively over 10,000 times worldwide.

The elastomeric ceramic exterior wall coating systems provided by Rhino Shield are the perfect material for almost any surface, including, stucco, wood, block, brick, and HardiePlank®. Rhino Guard paints latex-based products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and applied just like regular paint, using professional standard paint equipment. Each and every one of our offerings are created in a state-of-the-art and top of the line U.S. manufacturing facility, and we make sure to maintain industry leading quality controls.We want Rhino Shield always to provide a high quality and consistent product. We have been manufacturing premium coatings since 1964.

Cost Effectiveness

Because Rhino Shield does not have to be re-applied every 3-5 years like traditional paint, it saves you money by eliminating the hassle and cost of traditional exterior painting. Rhino Shield can save a homeowner or commercial building owner tens of thousands of dollars over time.

Rhino products lp come with our 25-year transferable warranty. This warranty will increase the resale value of your home. Exterior ceramic coating has proven to be a valued selling benefit for many homeowners and enhances the appeal of the home in an MLS home listing.

Rhino products will also lower your energy costs since our installation process provides the highest level of bonding and seal to all surfaces of your exterior. Also, Rhino Shield is a low emissivity product and reduces thermal conductivity. This wonderful feature which gives additional insulation to your building, saving you money on your cooling costs and energy consumption.

Environmentally Conscious

Rhino Shield’s ceramic-based paint systems aren’t just easy on the wallet-our highly eco-friendly products and practices are easier on the environment as well.

Our products outlast the more commonly used latex paints by 50% or more. As a result, the carbon footprint of our products is virtually zero. Unlike traditional painting, our practices use drastically less in terms energy output, transportation, and raw materials consumed.

  • Rhino Shield products contain less than 100 grams per liter of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This enhances our “green” focus since it allows for Rhino Shield products to be disposed of in solid waste landfill.
  • Rhino Shield is low-odor (no inhalation hazard) non-toxic, and safe for skin contact.
  • Rhino Shield is a low-emissivity product that reduces thermal conductivity, providing additional insulation to your building saving on cooling costs and energy consumption.
  • We have received a Class A fire rating on Our Durable Finish Coat, meaning our product is inflammable, posing no risk in areas prone to wildfires.
  • Because of Rhino Shield’s coating thickness, our system can encapsulate lead paint, decreasing exposure to this harmful substance that is typically released by the process of scraping old paint.
  • Our company is a proud member of the Florida Green Building.

In Pursuit of Excellence

We take the innovation of our coatings seriously. We constantly research and continuously improve our Rhino house paint formulas in order to maintain the top quality and performance that our customers can enjoy for decades to come.

This focus has led to recent product developments, such as our super breathable coating system for extreme northern climates (SPC/PFC). In addition, we recently launched our ten-year system called Ceramic One Coat™- a self-priming ceramic paint, which is a perfect cost-effective coating solution. We continue to seek out innovations to the line of Rhino Shield products so that we can continue to meet the unique needs of our worldwide customers and provide the best products and best paint possible.


Outside labs such as BASF have thoroughly tested Rhino Shield for product safety and integrity.

We strive to achieve the highest quality possible with all of our Rhino products. Because of this unrelenting pursuit of perfection, Rhino Shield has been featured on "This Old House” and HGTV’s “Curb Appeal: The Block.” Contact our office, located in Annapolis Junction, Maryland at 301-483-6600 to never paint again!